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Floor and Wall Covering

Casalgrande Padana has been producing advanced ceramic materials for over 50 years: innovative and environment-friendly solutions for the creation of coatings, floors and coatings capable of responding to any creative and technological requirement of the world of architecture and design.

Cotto d’Este has distinguished itself as one of the most prestigious names in the field of ceramics. Our creations recall beauty, quality and prestige and are the result of our continuous, passionate and unflinching aesthetic research. Rather than a mission, searching for beauty is a vocation, an imperative that has allowed us to attain a high level of excellence, as attested by the confidence placed in our creations by architects and interior designers all over the world.

The highest quality porcelain tile floors for those who love the beauty with a unique and modern style: Blustyle by Cotto d’Este offers the quality of porcelain stoneware with simpler solutions in standard thickness, in which attention to detail, high quality raw materials, a distinctive aesthetic appeal and respect for the environment are the fundamental ingredients. The floors designed by Blustyle are the secret to a home in which beauty takes centre stage thanks to reliable solutions that are perfect for cladding existing floors or for installing new ones.

Sichenia was founded in the early seventies and has grown continuously as a manufacturer of floor and coverings in porcelain stoneware and has consolidated its role in the ceramics industry as a company that provides a complete offer.

Quality, reliability, innovation and professionalism are the guidelines that have an impact on our projects and that will dictate our Company’s future choices.

The FINCIBEC GROUP is known worldwide for the excellence of its ceramic products, which is the expression of absolute quality of its production process that uses the best technologies in the industry. FINCIBEC solutions add environmental sustainability and social responsibility to the beauty and exquisite features of its products. The products of the group companies are used for residential, commercial and public projects on a daily basis.

We are an Italian ceramic company that studies, designs and produces porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles in Italy. Our history began in 1995 within the historical Gruppo Concorde and immediately sees us as protagonists in the ceramic industry. Today, our production exceeds five million square metres per year across a total of eighty countries. We believe in technological and process innovation, but we keep the meticulous eye of the craftsman. We care for the health and safety of our employees; the environment and sustainability have always been the basis of our work.

EDIMAXASTOR produces glazed porcelain stoneware colored mixtures for floorings and wall coverings Made in Italy, high quality and an innovative design, with a wide variety of surfaces, colors and sizes. Each collection is inspired by research aimed at interpreting national and international trends and it aims in various market segments, providing ample aesthetic and functional solutions for professionals in this sector. The production process is 100% eco-compatible and includes recycling of water and raw materials, a 1 Mega photovoltaic system and a thermal entity with controlled CO2 emission.

UNICA stands out for its alternative ceramics, taking its distance from the “digital” world that only makes copies of natural products (wood, concrete, marble, stone). Here are the so-called “engineered surfaces”, a perfect blend of the most technical ceramic products, full-body porcelain and glazed stoneware, with exclusive decorations and textures designed and produced with ancient traditional handcrafted procedures.

For over 50 years, Ce.Si. has been offering glazed porcelain stoneware tiles of the highest quality, able to satisfy the most demanding customer, thanks to its wide range of plain colours and modular sizes.

The research in excellence of raw materials, the respect for the environment, the continuous attention to the aesthetic and performance demands of the market, made our brand Ce.Si. a worldwide leader in manufacture of glazed and unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles, for wall, floor, indoor and outdoor use. Colours, sizes, matching trims offer endless customisable designs.

Research, tradition, care for details, passion, Italian creativity.

In 1990 an inspired guess and their will led Enzo Muccioli and Titta Silvestrini to the creation of IPF. Our founding fathers' entrepreneurial intention, passion and working culture let them learn much about woodfloor treatments, painting, finishes. Since 1996 we produce our woodfloors following severe rules of manufacturing process and continuously improving the research for solutions of high emotional effect applied to a strong hand-crafted basis.


Cielo's addition of the Made in Italy label to its own brand expresses the distinct nature of Italian ideals which Cielo shares. Cielo is part of the superlative range of Italian production that ensures the international market that their place of origin is synonymous with quality and as a consequence they promote their cultural identity as the significant universal value of the Italian industrial design.

Kerasan is one of the most important sanitary ware producers in the district of Civita Castellana (VT). Founded in 1960, it specializes in the production of high-quality bathroom fixtures. Nowadays the company has an international market presence with bathroom collections which include furnishings, accessories and faucets. Kerasan has been producing high-quality products for over 50 years, not only because they want to respond to the demands of the market, but also because they have a passion for producing high-quality sanitary ware which appreciated all over the world. 


It is the passion for Beauty and the love for the Product that have always driven the work of Bellosta Rubinetterie. A company where the past - made up of decades of experience and family tradition - meets the future - in the study of new trends in fashion and design , and in collaboration with well-known architects and designers . 

A company where quality is touched in every detail . From excellent raw materials to manual processes, from advanced machinery to strict controls, everything in Bellosta is research and care .

Four decades after it was founded, Treemme Rubinetterie continues to propose new collections ranging from traditional to more innovative lines, while preserving those characteristics that have allowed it to flourish and prosper: high quality and impeccable service.

The company prioritizes the origin of its products, carefully selecting its suppliers in Italy and carrying out 80% of production in house. The products best respond to customers' needs by virtue of being entirely made in Italy.


Ardeco has been producing bathroom furnishings since 1993 and it is headquartered in Vigonovo di Fontanafredda: this is traditionally a furniture manufacturing area which is part of the “Alto Livenza” district.

Over the years, Ardeco has expanded its product range, where both the design and manufacturing processes have become increasingly sophisticated, using certified materials that have enabled the company to retain superior quality standards which are vital traits of any respectable product “Made in Italy”. Ardeco is a brand to watch out for on a national and indeed an international scale, visible on the market and forever present in the best interior design magazines thanks to a spot-on advertising campaign.

Was born in 1990 in Sacile (PN), an area plenty of tradition in the furniture field, with the mission to produce and sell furniture 100% made in Italy. A company able to marry tradition and experience together, paying attention to new trends. 

Artesi creativity ranges from classical to design, from minimalist to sophisticated style, allowing to personalize every proposal with a wide finish range. Whatever style they represent, Artesi solutions transform the bathroom in an exclusive ambience with undisputed appeal.

Birex has researched many unique solutions to help us perform everything we need to do and love to do. Because life involves many daily necessities: cleaning, washing, ironing, tidying. But also the multitudinous passions great and small, each involving a particular space and specific objects. Birex renders these moments more simple and therefore more beautiful: through design that never goes out of fashion and long lasting quality.


Decor Walther has stood for quality bathroom furnishing such as lamps, mirrors and accessories for over four decades. It all began in 1973, in Frankfurt am Main/Germany, with a small specialist shop founded by Harald Walther. Today we are one of the leading suppliers in this sector, reaching far beyond Germany’s borders. Our quality and design express this most vividly. The aesthetic language of our products is neither overtly trendy, nor historicized or overloaded. It is best described as timeless, but in an understated way. Behind this term is a stylistic awareness that we have reached through our intensive and holistic approach. 


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